Monday, March 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday...

Monday: Baked Tofu in Almond & Cilantro Sauce (following recipe but swapping almond butter for sun butter and cauliflower for sweet potatoes.) with brown rice, fruit.

Tuesday: Crockpot Sticky Chicken, potato salad with peas, fruit.

Wednesday: Errand day (early this week): Take out.

Thursday: Chicken and bean enchiladas made with leftover chicken from Tuesday and canned enchilada sauce, salad, fruit.

Friday: Milo's birthday dinner with family: Shepard's pie, salad with Greek Dressing, baguette, homemade vanilla ice cream, chocolate pudding cake.

Saturday: We're having company! Roasted tomatoes with goat cheese in the crockpot (but without the cranberries, that's just weird, and I use roma tomatoes cut in half lengthwise, no sesame oil for olive oil), rustic bread, Caesar salad, pesto pasta salad, fruit and whatever else I can dig up. Oh, and wine ;)

Sunday: Not sure, I'm thinking something lazy, like leftovers, frozen food or breakfast for dinner.

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  1. Mercy Buckets, I wonder who maybe coming on Saturday?? All as I know as I should have come for the week with a menu like that. Looking forward to our visit and that dinner. Shall I bring something like Milo and Lola more cheese cake???
    Trying to SMILE
    Kate and Alek