Monday, March 23, 2009

Not Me Monday...

This week we did not go to a local amusement with friends and knowingly break the only two rules that were mentioned to us upon admittance. We didn't even want to use our flashes anyway and it was very easy to say, "nope, no cookies or sippies for you!", to these two little faces...

I did not have an I'm-so-tired-and-I-think-the-kids-are-trying-to-kill-me pity party at all this week, so saying I did it more than once is just ridiculous. I am always well rested and full of energy, even with a one and two year old!

I am not getting a major kick out of finally being able to say "one and two year old" without it being a lie because they are really just two one year olds.

On a similar note, I also did not enjoy being able to replace my usual "no, they are not twins" with "no, they are not twins, they are one and two" when we were out this week.

NOTE: When I just went to post this in the Mr. Linky on the My Charming Kids blog, I read about the awful situation that MckMama (the woman who organizes Not Me Monday) is currently experiencing with her youngest child, Stellan. Please keep them in your thoughts. This little guy is a fighter, but I'm sure that both him and his family could use a little positive energy right now...

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  1. They are so cute. That 1 and 2 year old! Love it. I have a lot of pity parties myself. It's kind of sad. Hope your week is sensational!