Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me Monday...

I did not give my kids cheese cake two days in a row for breakfast this week just because my nearly two-year-old said it so nicely. And I definitely did not try to make it look all healthy by serving it to them with fruit.

I did not get all stumped on how to handle a jumping-on-the-sofa-incident and maybe threaten to take the sofa away. That's just weird. It's my sofa and how the heck would I be able to follow through on a threat like that? I couldn't! So I would never make that threat in the first place.

I did not go for a walk outside with my husband before a dinner with friends and actually do a running jump off of a ledge and onto the squidgy defrosted grass in my heels and dress pants just so that Jason could get this ridiculous photo of someone who clearly isn't me.

And I most certainly did not get my heels stuck in the mud and almost give myself whiplash on the landing.

While we were on our walk and not covered in mud, I also may or may not have taken a series of the most god-awful photos of Jason that anyone has ever seen and then spend the rest of the weekend laughing my buttooski off at him and trying to re-enact his cheesy faces. That's just mean. So I would never do it. And I would never post those photos for anyone else to laugh at either. So don't even ask.

This is not how handsome he normally looks.

Whatever you do, don't have a great week all!


  1. The sofa one is sooo funny! I make silly threats like that all the time!

  2. Love the couch and cheesecake ones...we must be related. I say the same thing to my 4 rowdy boys all the time!! Have a great week!

    love and blessings from ga~erin