Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spare change and sanity saved...

My husband has an awful habit of never using his change. He can have a pocket full, and if he's purchasing something that is, let's say, 4.05$, and he even has the 4 one dollar bills staring him in the face, he'll still break a five before he ever looks for the nickel. What was even worse was that he would empty his pockets out at the end of the day into these filthy little bowls that he had all around the house, and I mean entire contents, pocket lint, receipts and all. Gross! And with a second baby coming into the house I was worried about the chocking hazard, too.
Anyway, it was annoying, but the change does save up quickly, so right after we had our daughter, we went to Ikea and bought this vase...

We wanted something that fit the coins with enough space to get them back out and we wanted something that was not clear. This one fit both requirements and was a pretty good deal at 9.99$.
The vase took it's rightful home of our kitchen counter (out of reach of small and sneaky hands) and has worked like a charm. I have not found a single skanky bowl full of pocket contents since we purchased it, and just look at what we've saved up after only about 11 months...

Not bad!
I have no clue what we are going to use the change for. We always joke that it's our Disney fund, since we know full well that we probably won't attempt that for at least another four years Whatever we use it for, I'm sure we'll have a surprising lil' amount saved up by then!

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