Thursday, April 2, 2009

Super hero capes...

Sunday was rainy here, so while the kids were busy playing with their water table, my husband and I were busy making them these darling super hero capes.
They were so simple to make. We started by cutting the material into triangular pieces minus the tip. Then we folded the edges in a 1/4 of an inch, ironed them in place and repeated once more to make a double folded hem, this made it easier to run through the sewing machine (real seamstresses out there, I apologize, I am so clueless with the sewing lingo). Once the capes were completed, we cut their first initials out of felt and then Jason sewed those onto the middles of the finished capes.

We did not add neck ties to our capes because we didn't want out kids strangling each other or using the capes to pull each other down. We know all too well that our kids would try both, so why tempt them? Instead we just made our capes about 5" too long and tucked the top bit into the back of their shirts. So, yeah. There will be no naked cape wearing in our house, but safety first, right guys? If your kids are less wild, more trustworthy, or if you are just plain braver than I am, by all means, add the neck ties!

This is one of the finished capes (ours measured 21" long by 14" wide at the bottom and 6" wide at the top)...

They really did turn out very cute for such a simple design...

And they were super fast...



  1. What great fun! And it was such an easy, fast project and the kids will love their capes for years. More great work in the parenting department. Love Mom xoxoxo

  2. Wow you guys are way to much fun Alek would kill for one of those, may change his name to Mack or Leo for on our next visit........HEHE!! Okay his Mama will try to make one for him, or wait maybe I will just go and find him one at the store and Marker in a big A for him....hehehe. Your creativity is priceless and the other part that I just adore about you too is you did the project together......I hope to catch you guys tomorrow.

  3. Oh my goodness those are so cute! (and cute kiddos too:)