Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stepping out to cure Scleroderma...

Support my Scleroderma walk

If you live in the North Country you are probably all too familiar with the blog One Day at a Time and the story of Randy Duprey and his beautiful wife, Kate and son, Alek. You are also probably very familiar with the turmoil and heartache that he and his family has faced for the last couple years because of Scleroderma. At this point the causes of this disease are unknown and there is no cure. On January 6th Randy lost his battle to this incurable disease and now Kate has decided to step up and Step Out To Cure Scleroderma by organizing a walk to raise money and raise awareness in Randy's honor. The walk will be held on Sunday June 14th, and there will be a meeting this Saturday to go over details. Anyone willing to help organize or contribute to this event should be there to show support and take part in a great cause for a great local family. Volunteers are needed! You can visit Kate's blog for details.

Let's not let this happen to anyone else...

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