Tuesday, April 7, 2009

FYI: roasting frozen bell peppers...

I recently posted about how I like to freeze sliced bell peppers. Well, this week I tried roasting the frozen peppers for the first time and they turned out wonderfully!
I just tossed them into a pan directly from the freezer, coated them with a bit of olive oil, seasoned them with s & p, and roasted them for about 45 min at 400˚.

I used these in one of my pesto pasta salads. YUM!


  1. I too love to do this. When peppers are on sale I stock up, slice, flash freeze, and they are ready. I use mine in omelets, pizza, stirfry... I will have to try one of the pesto pasta salads!

  2. Thank you!!! I absolutely love roasted peppers and have been eating an average of 2 a day for the last few days! I found this phenomenal recipe for roasted peppers with feta, substituted the parsley for basil and added sliced olives, and this recipe for roasted peppers is simply over the top. Woke up this morning wondering what I would do all winter till peppers were in season again! Thank you for the tip that frozen peppers can be roasted!!! Mary