Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Menu Plan Monday (...on Tuesday, shhhh, don't tell anyone)...

So here it is! Late, but still here. So I guess that makes me fashionably organized! *Ha ha, chuckle, chuckle, snort* I crack me up!

Monday: We cleaned out the fridge of all of it's leftovers and I attempted to make bread pudding out of leftover rolls from a local restaurant. Turns out, when you are eating a bunch of garlicky Italian food, it can be really hard to tell that the rolls have been brushed with garlic oil. Smelled awesome. Just like bread pudding should smell. But tasted garlicky. Gross. Lesson learned: don't make bread pudding from Italian restaurant leftovers without first licking the top of a roll.

Tuesday: Errand day without the diaper duo. We will be eating out and bringing back some of our kiddos favorite Indian dishes for Wednesday night.

Wednesday: Indian food take-out from Karma. Mmmmm...

Thursday: Chicken and veggie fried rice, egg rolls, fruit.

Friday: Tofu something. Not sure what yet, but I have a block in the fridge, so I would like to try a new recipe.

Saturday: Would like to take the kids out for a mini hike if it's nice, but we may go to the mall if it's not. Either way, we'll eat out.

Sunday: Milk Pork (see photos below) with maple roasted sweet potatoes, balsamic roasted onions (both recipes coming soon) and fruit.

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  1. Mercy girl not that I need to know your every move because that is just weird and stalkish, but I was beginning to wonder if you guys took a mini vacation or something. Miss you all and looks like a great menu. You coming to town Wed/Sat?? Let us know. We plan on going to our last hike place Friday its suppose to be 63. Not that I could not email you all of this instead of posting it on your blog hehe
    Talk soon